Let's Spice Things Up!

With antioxidants being all the rage nowadays. it’s important to remember the basics. While products like chia seeds and goji berries are great, many spices in your pantry have numerous benefits you may not even know about! These are five of the top most beneficial spices you can start adding into your life.



Turmeric contains curcumin, which is nature’s gift to us when it comes to inflammation. It is derived from a plant related to ginger known as Zingiberaceae and contains over 30 anti-inflammatory compounds, making it highly effective. Known as the “Golden Spice of Life” turmeric has been shown to cause significant improvement in people with brain disease. Tests showed those who regularly added it into their diet scored higher on standardized mental health tests than those who rarely ate it.


Here is a recipe for an iced turmeric latte and here is one for a hearty red curry!


Cayenne is known for having anti-cold and digestive boosting properties. It can stimulate the digestive tract which helps the body metabolize foods faster. It can also improve circulation, and help with the detox process- flushing out the bugs faster!


Here is a recipe for asian inspired tacos with a kick!




Ironically, this sweet spice found in many desserts has been shown to dramatically lower blood sugar levels. Studies showed that adding a teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon to meals can help prevent insulin spikes and lower cholesterol. This is because the main active ingredient in cinnamon, cinnamaldehyde, stimulates the insulin receptors on the cells, allowing more sugar to pass through the blood.


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Black Pepper

Black pepper makes a great addition to any meal since it contains sesquiterpenes, which specifically target upper respiratory viruses. It also helps boost the effectiveness of turmeric by raising the curcumin levels by over a thousand times. Because it stimulates hydrochloric acid secretion, black pepper is also great at improving digestion.


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This "tiny but mighty" spice has numerous health benefits. Because it is an analgesic and antiseptic, a drop of clove oil can help relieve the pain of toothaches, sore throats, etc while also helping to draw out infections. It can also help relieve respiratory infections, bruises, and improve digestion.


Sugar cookies and chai?!

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Now get out there and add some spice to your life! *cue Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life lyrics*